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“Use music for the greater purpose to bring equality,
make music serve humanity.” 
Robert Shaw



"They have given me their best. Dare I do otherwise?" -

Craig C. Johnson

"As impressive as the performance was, that which followed was more compelling and quite surprising. All those singers diffused into the ancient spaces of this hallowed sanctuary, taking hands, embracing, hugging and kissing everyone within reach. We made it a point to move to the aisle to be part of this tsunami of wondrous agape love. I can’t recall a more generous outpouring of hospitality and gratitude in the world. We were there fully an hour after the program, sharing hugs, e-mails, stories, and souls with choir and audience members alike."


"Clegg has taken that philosophy even farther. The Trey Clegg Singers not only includes singers from a diverse set of backgrounds and sexual orientations in Atlanta, but we sing several genres of music – classical, spirituals, and contemporary gospel, all equally as well, a fete difficult for most choral groups because of the intricate syncopation required in those genres.

--Dr. Constance Chapman

Trey Clegg Singers Present Fall Concert, ‘March To Freedom’

Clegg said that having a diverse group of singers promotes conversations that people might not be having.

“We all know those different from us,” he said in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “But how well do we know them? How well do we know each other’s backgrounds? How well do we know each other’s culture? We may know about them, but do we immerse ourselves in another culture and embrace difference and not run from it?”

The group performed at the prestigious Spoleto Festival earlier this year. After auditions in August, the choir is now comprised of 83 singers. There are 24 in the chamber ensemble.

The Spoleto is one of the most prestigious Performing Arts Festivals in the country. Standards are extremely high, and the number of very gifted choruses and solo artists who audition for the Front make it very difficult for the Audition Panel to select those who they will invite to perform Concerts.
This is the second consecutive year that The Trey Clegg Singers (Atlanta's premiere Multicultural Chorus) has been invited by competitive audition to perform at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The Trey Clegg Singers have also broken a record in that they are the first Multicultural Chorus in the history of the Spoleto Festival to be invited to perform.